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Solana Whale Makes Massive 1M SOL Deposit To Binance

Recent on-chain data reveals a significant movement of a large amount of Solana from a whale’s wallet to Binance, suggesting a potentially bearish outlook for the asset’s price.

A Solana whale has transferred 1 million SOL to Binance today, as reported by Whale Alert, a cryptocurrency transaction tracking service. This comes amidst several sizable SOL transactions on the blockchain over the past day, with six notably large transfers detected. Among these, two stood out with transactions valued at $362 million and $498 million respectively.

While these massive transfers occurred between unknown wallets, typically associated with personal custodial wallets rather than centralized exchanges, the remaining four transactions involved entities linked to exchanges, sparking speculation.

Of these four, one particularly noteworthy transaction involved the movement of 1 million SOL, valued at over $166 million at the time of transfer, to a Binance-affiliated wallet. Such transactions, termed exchange inflows, often indicate users’ intentions to utilize exchange services, potentially including selling, thus potentially impacting the market.

The remaining three exchange inflows, with an average value of $33.2 million, also headed to exchanges, primarily Binance, with one going to Coinbase. Interestingly, two of the Binance-bound transfers shared the same wallet pairs, suggesting a common origin, possibly from the same whale.

With a total of $265.6 million worth of SOL now on exchanges, the market could experience notable fluctuations. However, whether these transactions were specifically for selling is uncertain, as they could serve alternative purposes unrelated to market dynamics.

Despite Solana’s recent decline in price, currently hovering around the $174 level, the possibility of these whales opting to liquidate their holdings remains a factor to consider.

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