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Solana’s team lead guarantees ‘known solutions’ for transaction failures

The community has recently become concerned about Solana’s network congestion and botched transactions. In response, Matt Sorg, Solana’s Tech and Product Lead, tweeted an article claiming that a failed transaction is not a “bug” but a “feature of user protection.”

Solana recently faced transaction problems, with over 75% of transactions failing. According to a recent X post provided by Colin Wu, a Chinese crypto reporter on Wu Blockchain, the Solana network has been experiencing delays or failed transactions. According to reports, the core issue is related to QUIC and Agave client implementations.

Sorg claimed that the current issues aren’t the result of unsuccessful transactions. Ensuring that there are “established remedies” to the issue, he stated, “

“Transaction reliability is incredibly important and the current status is unacceptable. The implication that there is a fundamental flaw in the network is incorrect. Solana is a highly efficient protocol that hasn’t nearly hit its scaling ceiling. This particular issue doesn’t hit the transaction processing part of the protocol and isn’t an issue of failed transactions.”

Uncovering the true meaning of the term “failure,” Sorg clarified that “an application-level functionality” is what a transaction failure is. Even when the transactions are marked as unsuccessful, this does not mean that the protocol cannot handle the load or logic. “The network is protecting consumers and users by checking the conditions of a transaction,” he continued.

Sorg went on to explain the transaction results, which included the options of being “executed” or “dropped.” Once the transaction is paid for and included in a block, the execution level is indicated. The level has two subcategories: executed successfully and executed but unsuccessfully. The transaction is executed successfully if there are no errors; if an error is returned, the transaction is processed but fails.

Sorg described the outcome of Solana’s previously disclosed transaction failures as “dropped.” When “any of the conditions in the transaction logic aren’t met,” he continued, problems may occur.

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