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Mark Karpeles Confirms: No Bitcoin Sales by Mt.Gox

The current problems concerning the recent making of significant Bitcoin transfers from the exchange’s wallet have all been cleared by the former CEO of Mt. Gox, Mark Karpeles. Karpeles further explained that such movements do not mean the firm plans to sell Bitcoins shortly.

The official statement from Mt. Gox also makes it apparent no direct payment of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash has been made to the creditors through authorized exchanges. Also, no crimes and sales of cryptocurrencies have been executed to allow for these repayments. According to a statement picked up by Chinese crypto journalist Colin Wu, it is clear that the Rehabilitation Trustee still holds BTC and Bitcoin Cash safely.

Mt.Gox’s Bitcoin Transfers: Preparation for Distribution

Specifically, Karpeles used the X platform to reassure everyone that submitting $5 billion in Bitcoin from Mt. Gox to a new pocket is a movement toward distribution. He also noted no plan to sell Bitcoin in the next few weeks or months. The Rehabilitation Trustee is simply moving the Bitcoin to another address to be distributed sometime in the future. The company anticipates this will happen in the third quarter of the year.

Bitcoin tumbled to a 4% reduction below the 70K mark earlier today following the occurrence of these massive transactions from Mt. Gox. However, BTC has since slightly bounced back, and the digital currency is at $68,467.

In conclusion, while Mark Karpeles may seem ambitious and have a negative attitude towards allowing speculation, Mt. Gox has been very clear, stating that the recent Bitcoin transfers are not from sales. These movements are before the creditors, and those assets need to remain safe and under the total control of the management.

Karpeles’ response and conversation with the founder is to alleviate any concerns having to do with market manipulation by the sale of huge quantities of bitcoins. Thus, investors and creditors can look forward to protected rehabilitation where assets undergo careful and systematic administration. The Mt. Gox’s rehab continues to be devoted to providing the inconvenience of Bitcoin and, more so, Bitcoin Cash to its creditors without contributing to the market instability.

Therefore, it reassures the community that the recent activities discussed above are in line with the long-term strategic plan of repaying the loans. This reflects the continued focus on open market stability while at the same time working to fulfill the obligations with the creditors of Mt. Gox.

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